Pet Wellness and Diagnostics in Tampa, FL


Because of the shorter lifespan of our pets, at Bearss Animal Clinic we stress the importance of wellness care and preventative medicine. These annual or biannual visits provide us with the opportunity to get an accurate and thorough snapshot of your pet's overall health, which we can then use to measure and monitor any changes that may occur along the way. Being able to examine your pet regularly allows us to identify any potential concerns and address them right away, before they can develop into a more costly and serious problem. This early detection can greatly improve the quality and length of your pet's life.

The wellness care services at Bearss Animal Clinic include complete “nose to tail” physical examinations, individualized vaccination and parasite prevention plans, nutritional counseling and weight management, and any diagnostic testing that our vet may deem necessary. We also use this time to get to know you and your pet on a more personal basis and to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have about your pet.


Veterinary diagnostics are important tools that allow us to dig deeper and look below the surface of the skin to learn precisely what's happening inside your pet's body. These tools, such as bloodwork, urinalysis and x-rays, allow for a fast and accurate diagnosis and the development of a timely treatment plan. The sooner we can identify and treat what's ailing your pet, the better the outcome.

Bearss Animal Clinic utilizes a broad range of advanced diagnostic testing to better manage the ongoing health of our patients. We offer in-hospital referrals to an internal medicine specialist who performs ultrasounds, endoscopic procedures and helps us with the diagnosis of more complicated cases. Our on-site, modern x-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders. We also provide ECG services on-site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.

Our convenient in-house laboratory facilities provide for the fast and accurate retrieval of test results, including serum chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis and parasite testing. We also utilize commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations. Rest assured that whatever is bothering your animal companion, we're well-equipped to get to the bottom of it quickly so that we can help return your pet to his or her normal, active and healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.